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About Paige

[/custom_headline][text_output]Paige Alms grew up on the island of Maui, where the spirit of Aloha was planted in her heart.  The water quickly became a part of her everyday life, taking up the sport of surfing at age 9.  With Paige’s fearlessness and perseverance, along with one of the world’s best big wave surf spots in her backyard, it was inevitable that she’d begin to conquer these monsters.

Today, at age 26, Paige has become Maui’s big wave ambassador, living her humble life dedicated to her passion. Most recently in 2014 Paige was nominated for the Billabong XXL Women’s Performance Award, being one of the few who has successfully paddled into the wave at Jaws. Alongside her incredible accomplishments, Paige leads her life with a shining heart, smile, and spirit, one we were grateful for the opportunity to document.[/text_output]

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Director's Bio + Message


Devyn Bisson is an international award-winning documentary filmmaker, and the chief storyteller at Hues of Blue Stories. Her debut feature film, The Wave I Ride explores the raw human experience, igniting audience members to look within their own story. Diving deeper is a theme of Bisson’s artistic expression she believes her lifeguarding career brought into her craft. Bisson says, “Whether it's physically aiding those in immediate danger or inspiring people to courageously live their most authentic life, there is no difference.”


“As the director of The Wave I Ride, I wish nothing more than for this film to inspire you to vigorously chase the wave your heart needs to ride. The world needs your voice, the world needs your story, and the world needs you to go after it! It’s going to be a bloody mess with no guarantee of protection, but I promise this mess is ours to own as beautiful, vulnerable, and courageous.”

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